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In compliance with CE quality&safety standards, the Roll-in Proofer is a perfect solution for bakers that wish to achieve proofing while guaranteeing a consistent, even fermentation. Its unique moisture and heat generators not only ensure possible machine life, but also provide the optimum proofing environment to save time for bakers while maximizing proofing capacity. 








Powerful & Durable moisture generator

Reliable moisture generating
The moisture generator is constructed with water tank and steam tank separately and the generator is installed above proofer, not inside chamber. This unique design greatly increases the generator and steam heating element life.

Automatic water fill-in system
Auto-filling system automatically fill-ins and stops adequate water input. The input water is guided into steam tank and the steam heating element boils the input water to generate compressed steam.

Infinite proofing profile capacity
The generated steam will be guided into chamber through the stainless tube. This mechanism swiftly injects much moisture into proofer chamber. To work with chamber temperature heating controlling, the baker can determine the ratio of moisturevs v.s heat to offer infinite possibilities of proofing every conceivable product.


Moisture Generator


Automatic Door-Closing System
The proofer is equipped with spring-back heavy-duty hinges and an air-compressed automatically closing door check. These smart devices make the proofer automatically close door and also press the door seamlessly. This eliminates the hassle of closing movement and prevents moisture leakage.

Door Closing