Retarder Proofer for Tray





  • The enclosures are made of all stainless steel insulated with hydraulic injection Polyurethane foaming. The produced high density insulation is good looking and easy  maintenance.

  • The high-efficiency compressor with overload and delay-start protection saves energy and cool swiftly.

  • The condenser is designed with anti-rodent and anti-dust mechnism.

  • The evaporator is installed with high efficiency copper tube with special handling of acid protection.

  • Rapid humidification system prevents residual water to secure hygienic  and sanitary cavity.

  • While retarding, the generated uniform and high humidity condition prevents problems of hard-shell and dried dough.

  • Intelligent electronic automatic control system achieves precise control .

  • The heater sealed with High heat material enhance the reliably and durability.





Tray size 460*720 or 400*600mmX18 trays
Overall Dimension 735*900*2110mm
Temperature Range 2゚C~18゚C~40゚C
Watts 0.8KW
Motor 1/2HP
Voltage 220/240V 60HZ 1PH
Weight: Net: 200kg  Gross:320kg
Crated Size: 920*1040*2250mm




Retarder Proofer for Tray






Tray size 460*720 or 400*600mmX36 trays
Overall Dimension 1240*900*2110mm
Temperature Range 2゚C~18゚C~40゚C
Watts 1.6KW
Motor 1HP
Voltage 220/240V 60HZ 1PH
Weight: Net: 280kg  Gross:420kg
Crated Size: 1420*1040*2250mm