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JENDAH Technologies / JENDAH Manufactures, designs and exports bakery, commercial food service and pizza equipment.

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Faster Design, Better Quality: JENDAH's Latest Design Tools

JENDAH utilizes the latest 3D CADs and design simulation software to create exceptional products for our clients. These cutting-edge technologies enable us to design faster than ever, accelerating the pace of innovation while maintaining a high level of quality. With these tools, we can create realistic simulations of products and processes, identify potential issues, and optimize designs before even beginning production. This not only saves time and money but also ensures that the final product meets our clients' needs and exceeds their expectations.

Human Interface - Smart Phone Thinking

JENDAH's approach to modern design focuses on meeting the practical needs of today's lifestyles while embodying the spirit of our era. By utilizing the latest materials and techniques, we create designs with unique forms, textures, and colors that directly fulfill the requirements of each project. Our design philosophy is inspired by the user-friendly interfaces of smart phones, emphasizing intuitive controls and streamlined functionality. The result is a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing product that seamlessly integrates into modern life.

Packing Design - Protect Valuables with Packing Sciences

JENDHA has developed packing methods to protect the machines while securing good product appearances. The methods include computer simulations, shocking and vibration tests to simulate harsh transportation impacts. Moreover, JENDAH has partnered with a professional company that employs the extremely high packing standards for highly sensitive electronic products. Thus, JENDAH will not only make good quality products but also deliver good looking products to make the customers happy while opening them.

TurnKey and Hotel Projects - Supplying World Leading Hotels and Factories

JENDAH is a trusted supplier of high-quality machines to numerous food factories and hotel project companies worldwide. We provide turnkey solutions and complete machines for food and beverage, bakery, and food processing operations in hotels, as well as pastry and bread factories. Our machines are designed to meet the specific needs of these industries, ensuring high performance, efficiency, and durability. We have a proven track record of delivering world-class products and services to our clients, and we continue to improve our offerings through research and development, advanced technologies, and industry partnerships.

Faster Design, Better Quality: JENDAH's Latest Design Tools | Taiwan Pizza Ovens for Restaurants Manufacturer | JENDAH

Based in Taiwan since 1977, JENDAH FOOD MACHINERY CO., LTD. has been a commercial bakery equipment manufacturer. Their main bakery cooking equipment, include Electric Deck Ovens, Gas Deck Ovens, Pizza Ovens, Rotary Ovens and Convection Ovens, which are sold international meeting sanitation requirements.

JENDAH Manufactures, designs and exports bakery, commercial food service and pizza equipment. Utilizing our technologies and passion, we design, manufacture, and market a variety of cooking, baking, and thermal solutions such as deck ovens, rotary rack oven, pizza ovens, commercial waffle makers, proofer / prover and rotisseries. With more than 45 years designs, builds and sells Bakery & Pizza machine experience, JENDAH is specialized in bakery, commercial food service and pizza equipment designing and manufacturing.

JENDAH has been offering customers high-efficiency industrial bakery ovens since 1977, both with advanced technology and 45 years of experiences, JENDAH ensures each customer's demands are met.